Eco-Friendly! JW Auto Care takes extraordinary efforts to protect our environment by helping our customers maintain the most efficient and safe vehicles possible. By maintaining a vehicle in good working condition with proper tires & inflation, tune-ups, alignment, and regular oil changes our customers will experience increases in fuel economy as well as reduced emissions. The fact is that all of these preventive measures help you avoid costly repairs and they improve gas mileage. Both are good for your wallet and the environment.

At JW Auto Care we go beyond basic standards and expectations of auto care facilities and take additional measures to protect our environment now and into the future.

Every auto shop has to deal with waste oils and liquids. There was a time when “proper disposal” meant that they went to a special section of the landfill. Shops that care about the environment, however, make sure that this waste is actually recycled.

At JW Auto Care we use Recycled products when practical. We recycle all old batteries, scrap metal, old fluids and used oil & oil filters. Tires are also sent to recycling promptly. These steps help keep our shop clean and show that we are committed to the environment.

In 2011, we took the following additional actions to help raise the industry bar in regards to being Eco-Friendly:

  • Replaced 100% of the shops lighting with eco-friendly, high-efficiency CLF lighting fixtures.
  • Upgraded all of our computer monitors to new low-power LED monitors.
  • Reviewed all of our practices to cut down on un-necessary paper usage and use computers to track all customer appointments.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our impact to the valley. Whether you decide to trust JW Auto Care for all of you vehicles service needs or not, please be mindful of our environment and ensure the mechanic you choose is taking proper measures to become “green”.

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